The Zika Virus

Let’s continue our discussion of new diseases. For example of these zika virus that is now spreading its way through South America and moving through the world has been around for a very long time however the mosquito that carries it has only flourished in recent decades due to climate change and other environmental factors. The mosquito that carry this virus is a seat of that only feeds on human beings and no other animals. Therefor part of the treatment for this disease is to attempt to eradicate the mosquitoes so that there is no means of transmission. Diseases are very important to consider in the quest for modern medicine but it is not just communicable diseases that are being addressed with modern medicine but also diseases of the mind. Bipolar disorder is a disorder that affects millions of people and it’s still very misunderstood.

Manic depression as this is sometimes called is a state where patients first are feeling very up and excited and little bit out of their minds and that is followed by a period of severe depression or they have no energy and just the opposite but they feel disconnected from all. Not being able to control your emotions and your energy is very frustrating for these people and it is something that is still be understood by scientists today. I’m just going to describe to you what is like to have a bipolar episode. I was out with some friends and I had too much coffee and I think I may have done some drugs as well. When I was out I thought myself very connected to the people around me and wanted to strike up conversations at the touch of a button. I also was making connections and feeling like my head was spinning but I kind of enjoyed it as I was feeling very connected and have a lot of energy. However my friends told me that I was being very erratic and very temperamental and that it was not pleasant to be around . later on I was followed by a period of catastrophic depression. And is characterized by ignoring all over as well as a complete lack of energy or desire to get up and do anything.

This lack of desire it was complemented by a lack of self-worth and also a constant interior monologue telling me that I was worthless. This is what a manic depressive episode feels like period now passing the various ways that modern scientists are using to address this problem. First there are many drugs are used to it including letting them however they are very broad drugs that affect all parts of the brain and therefore have tons of side effects. Even though the lithium is only 33% effective it is often used but is not always successful. There are no scientists who are mapping the brain to see where electrical impulses light up when someone is having either a depressive episode or a manic episode. Using scanning technology including that scans and MRIs the doctors are able to access these parts of the brain and noticed when they’re letting up and when they’re not. In doing so they’re able to now develop therapies where they can Target the part of the brain that are not working appropriately and if you like them. They’re able to simulate them either directly with electrodes that are then implanted into the cranial cavity or by general electric shock.  This sort of modern medicine address and yourself to a mental disorder by taking it apart as opposed to just using the traditional method. There was also talk therapy which it can be used in concert with his methods but often times there was a combination of treatment that need to be used in order to address all of the problem.

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