The Testing Phase

Modern medicine is not just about technology but also about the new uses for current and perhaps old Technologies for new purposes as well. But let us discuss the new technologies that are changing the way that doctors heal and treat disease. Another disease which has taken the lives of so many and continues to ravage the human population without a cure is that of cancer. Currently the treatment for cancer involves the removal of the infected area and also targeted radiation and general chemotherapy that eventually poisons the body and cuts off the blood supply to the cancer and the tumor. These are highly destructive and broad treatments that the patients survive hopefully and the cancer does not. These treatments are extremely toxic and bad for the human body and their success rate is also very low.

But there are no are new technologies that are much more specific and targeted that are able to address themselves to cancer in a way that does not destroy the surrounding tissue and is not as toxic and destructive to the health of the patient. This new technology addresses the main fatal aspect of cancer which is metastasis . Metastasis is when the cancer cells move from whatever part of the body where they originated such as the skin or the breast or the prostate and they move to a more vital organ like the liver. The cancer itself on the skin or the breast is not fatal but once the cancer moves to a vital organ and begins to grow their it interferes with the function of that vital organ and this is what leads to death. This new technology however is able to attack the site of the cancer or tumor and is able to reprogram its DNA in order to make it a self-destruct. This sort of gene therapy is able to address itself to the cancer directly and only affects the cancer cells and the genetic markers that cause it to reproduce. Cancer is essentially just a over reproduction of cells and as such this is the mechanism which needs to be turned off in order for the kids words that begin with that way.

This sort of specific gene splicing is a very new development and one which has exciting consequences for not only the field of cancer research and study but also for the millions of people who died of various cancers per year. Currently this technology is only in the testing phase but conservatively doctors believe it could be used in treatment in as little as five years. Modern medicine truly is a marvel but the diseases are also adapting very quickly. A good example of this is the race to eliminate certain bacterial infections through antibiotics. Bacteria mutate very quickly and then mutate very quickly in the presence of antibiotics. Ever since the invention of penicillin this arms race to develop a new and more successful antibiotic has continued but fails every time. Now the window between developing a new antibiotic and having it made useless buy a new bacteria is almost instantaneous. To the point where pharmaceutical companies do not even spend the money now to develop new antique bacterial medications because it’s a waste of money knowing that a new bacteria will evolve to replace and make it obsolete. Modern medicine is not perfect at eliminating disease. Pathogens are always mutating and evolving and new pathogens are being developed every day in mother nature just as human beings are rapidly rapidly searching for cures to these diseases. We are locked into an arms race between the pathogens and Medicine. Every year new diseases pop up and viruses evolve and music and the scientific Community is tasked with treating these diseases as well as searching for a cure and also a means of stemming the tide of infection .