Modern Medicine

Modern medicine is akin to  magic when you consider how far along it has come in the last thousand years let alone the last hundred years. Medicine today contains many such miracles as antibiotics, surgery with anesthesia, as well as the eradication of diseases that have plagued mankind for millennia. Modern medicine can be defined loosely as the sum total of all technologies that can be applied to the human body in the eradication of disease . It is very important when beginning a discussion of modern medicine to take a look back in history and look how far we have come first. Medicine as practiced today is a relatively new discipline. Medicine was at first the realm of the spiritual leader of a community. Whether this was a village witch or mother or a priest or shaman the person in charge of the physical health of the townspeople was also the person who is connected to the spirit world and to god.

Before such understandings of microorganisms and cells and other such breakthroughs, the medicinal world was at the mercy of the spirits and gods who controlled all things that men do not understand including the human body and the weather. The medicine of these ancient peoples often included herbs and folk remedies that would have some effect but lacked any sort of understanding of why it was effective and how it was working. Modern medicine is steeped in understanding and research as the basis of its practice. First you must learn everything there is to know about biochemistry and the cells and how they work down to an anatomic level. This level of understanding may not be necessary in order to practice medicine effectively. There are nurses and nurse practitioners who are able to prescribe medication and also do basic medical care and treatment and this does not require an  advanced degree or level of understanding of anatomy and physics and chemistry.

However for the highest level of medical professional which is a doctor we value this level of understanding because it is not enough to understand if something is effective at curing disease or alleviating pain or treating a condition, it is also important to understand why the treatment is working down to its most fundamental level. after this era of shamans and Priests there was an explosion of Medical Science that coincided with new developments in technology. The development of technology that really moved science including modern medicine forward was the development of magnifying glass. With magnifying glass human beings were able to see farther than they had ever seen before but also to see things in detail and magnification in a way that was totally knew.

This new level of magnification lead people and physicians to be able to break down living things into their components parts and to start understanding how our body was made up. This also coincided with a new science of cutting open cadavers of dead people and looking inside to see exactly how the body worked. Whereas before the philosophy was that it had to do with spirits and humors that would dictate how a person behaved. Now our understanding of cells and disease and bacteria and other pathogens enter the understanding. In these blog post we will break down further the history of the development of modern medicine and also discuss where we are today and what the future looks like in the field of medicine. Modern medicine is based upon technology and the future of this science is very exciting. From gene splicing to nanotechnology and bloodstream robots, the future of technology and modern medicine has never been more bright or more exciting.