Another exciting form of modern medicine is using often considered recreational or illicit drugs for new therapies for serious medicine. In the next blog post we will discuss some of these therapies and the way that they are we categorize and certain drugs from party drugs you serious medication. The first things we will discover is also a therapy that is being tested in bipolar patients especially those who are experiencing their depressive symptoms. Often times with traditional drug therapy it takes a long time for the medication to build up in your system and this can we be patient with a two month window where they are not sure if medication is go to work and there’s no admission from it sometimes. It says required a lot of patience for the doctors and it is not a stable situation when potentially you have a depressed client who made you want itself cannot hold a job and is possibly going to try and commit suicide.

The anesthesia club drug known as ketamine is now being used intravenously and has shown to have incredible results to alleviate depression symptoms instantaneously. This is a fascinating development as ketamine has been used as a rave drug for decades now and acting in concert with such depression causing drugs as ecstasy. Or MDMA. Click here to read more. I need to go over this way and have results for up to 3 weeks. Of course is not enough they’re still needs to be a concerted effort to actually use other methods like exercise and diet and lifestyle in order to alleviate the depression symptoms however it is very important to note that is one of the few drugs that has an instantaneous lasting effect of the depression. This is a very exciting life and works otherwise the rest of the drugs that have been scheduled by the federal government as having no medical use are being your classified and shown to have serious effects for those who are suffering seriously. Another exciting area of a club drug that is now being used at the new medication are silicide mushrooms that are now being used for new uses. He sort of magic mushrooms are traditionally used recreationally to generate hallucinogenic and spiritual quick trips in the US. However be so excited and has now been shown to have therapeutic properties for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and those who are going through certain kinds of psychosis and other mental disorders.

The active ingredient in magic mushrooms has been shown to grow new neural Pathways and establishing new connections between the synapses and generating new connections. This has been shown to be extremely important for those suffering from mental illness as this is the reason they think why these problems are not affected at all. Silicide mushrooms are distilled down to their essential chemicals and then administered to a patient in a slow day so that they don’t experience the hallucinations but are able to experience the lifting effect that also affects the serotonin. The other way that this is being used is not with suicidal but with LSD. Micro dosing LSD is the latest trend among technology CEOs and start-ups in San Francisco. In this way you take the LSD very small those were just rumors and opening of your brain and it’s supposed to say my creativity. Well this is not a medical use per se it is still an exciting and new trend along the lines of declassifying certain substances as only for drugs and trying to find a reviews for these powerful chemicals. Modern medicine is littered with all kinds of stories.